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Backflow Testing Certification Contractor Services in Columbia, SC

Grocery stores, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and veterinary hospitals are all places which see a great volume of people traffic. So it is vital that a community’s drinking water is safe and unpolluted therefore you must ensure that proper backflow testing and certification is achieved and maintained. A properly working backflow system blocks contaminated water from moving backwards into clean water which is used for drinking, as well as water for irrigation and fire sprinklers.

Importance of Backflow Testing

Residential homes, such as those with wells or a different source of water are also not exempt from their drinking water becoming polluted. Herbicides and other chemicals can find their way into these common household lawn devices so any lawn sprinkler systems require a good backflow defense.

Any type of backflow problem can have serious consequences such as when water becomes polluted with raw sewage, which can cause people to become ill and force communities to either boil their water before using it or run for as much bottled water as they can get. Other contaminants which have the potential to leak into your water are heavy metals and other dangerous chemicals.

Backflow Maintenance & Certification

Backflow testing certification is a maintenance practice which is required by law for business owners and operators and dependent upon the particular jurisdiction, they may require replacement every five years. This safety measure consists of a routine testing to be done annually in which the pressure of the water entering the building is examined to be sure that it is moving in the proper direction and that no contaminants are getting into the water supply. If any toxins or defects are located then the necessary repairs are made by a professional backflow testing technician.

Residential home owners are also at risk of this dangerous threat however many homeowners assume that it is not their responsibility to initiate annual backflow device testing but instead it is to be done by their water supplier, however a water supplier is not required by law to perform this testing. Homeowners must consider having this annual test done, particularly as a sprinkler system, swimming pool or water heater could force nasty contaminated water back into a kitchen or bathroom. Regular, annual testing is critical as current backflow devices wear down, weaken and need to be replaced for they have the potential to cause a wealth of harm.

Residential and property owners have a duty to ensure that their building’s employees, tenants, visitors and loved ones are free from harm such as this. While the threat of water contamination is constant at any commercial and residential irrigation location, by implementing preventive maintenance to ensure adequate backflow is achieved, serious threats to public health can be avoided.

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