Columbia Water Line Install & Repair Services

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Water Lines Contractor Services in Columbia, SC

1-800 Plumbing Solutions provides quality water line installation and repair in Columbia, SC. Our licensed technicians will help you install a new water line or replace old or damaged lines if needed. No job is too small or large.

Our Water Line Services

  • Leak Detection
  • Water Leak Repair
  • Water Line Install
  • Frozen Pipe Repair and Re-pipes

Whether you’ve got a broken, cracked, frozen, or damaged pipe, we can repair it in no time!

Our Water Line Installation Process

Our technicians will first determine where your main water supply is located. Then we will connect the main water supply to your home with new piping. We will install the piping underground and cover it without disturbing the landscaping on your property. Keeping the pipes underground will also protect them from freezing during the winter. We will make sure that the pipes are secured and tight to prevent any leaking.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Water Line

If you neglect or put off service for your water pipes, several problems can develop. One major problem is that your home’s foundation will start to crack due to leaking pipes. This problem can be prevented by watching out for sudden dampness or wetness on your floors, or puddles and soggy patches near the edges of your property; these are usual indicators of a leak. Water leaks are serious problems that require immediate attention. Our technicians will be able to locate the exact location of the leak and replace your water line.

Benefits of Professional Water Line Installation

When you enlist the help of a professional for your water line installation, you can rest assured that the project will be completed safely and accurately. Our technicians will ensure that the pipes are secure and at minimal risk for leaking. Whether you need new water lines, or have burst pipes or water leaks that require water line replacement, we are here to help.

Why Choose Us?

1-800 Plumbing Solutions is dedicated to finding a solution that matches your water needs--from leaks to burst pipes to main water line installations.

This is why 1-800 Plumbing Solutions offers flexible payment options and the ability to pay by credit card. Need an estimate before you decide? Call (803) 513-5749.

1-800 Plumbing Solutions is the preferred choice for all water line repairs and installations in Columbia. We invite you to learn more about our company. Please check out our Why Us page and our Testimonials page to find out why others have chosen 1-800 Plumbing Solutions for their plumbing needs in Columbia, SC.

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