Homeowner/Warranty Video Guide

Welcome to the Plumbing Solutions video guide. Our mission is to develop a video guide for those pesky smaller plumbing problems as well as helpful warranty insight. We will continue to upload new helpful content to this page so be sure to check back in. You can also visit our Warranty page.

Ep 1 - Emergency

Ep 2 - Tankless Water Heater Error Code

Ep 3 - How To Unlock Rheem In Tankless Water Heater

Ep 4 - Warranty Limiations

Ep 5 - Main Shut Off

Ep 6 - How To Turn Off Your Toliet

Ep 7 - How To Turn Off Water To Kitchen Sink

Ep 8 - Leak Indicator - High Water Bill

Ep 9 - Adjusting Your Toliet

Ep 10 - Why Does It Take Time To Get Hot Water?

Ep 11 - What To Know About Garbage Disposal

Ep 12 - How Turn Your Iso Values On Your Water Heater


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