Changeable Supportive Title



Step 1

Determine hours worked for each pay rate and total straight pay

  • Enter your Rate of Pay below in yellow "Pay Rate" Cells
  • Next Enter your Hours worked in yellow "Hours Worked" Cells
  • The Totals will Display in the Green Cells throughout
  Pay Rate Hours Worked Straight Time Pay
Production Rate
Drive/Prep Rate
    Total Straight Pay
Step 2

Determined Weighted Average Regulare Rate of Pay

  • Automatically calculated below
  • This your average blended pay between both pay rates
Straight Pay
Divided By
Hours Worked
Weighted Average
Rate of Pay, Per HR
Step 3

Determine Half Time Rate

  • Automatically calculated below
Half of Weighted Avg.
Pay from Step 2, Per HR
Multiplied by
OT Hours
Half Pay
Step 4

Determine Check Total

Straight Pay
Half Pay
Total Check Amount