5 Home Plumbing Myths That Can Cost You Money

There are many myths out there related to your plumbing that are false. These can end up costing you a great deal of money in the long term. Educating yourself about these misunderstood concepts can help avoid that. Learn more about some of the things that you might not have considered in relation to your plumbing system below. If you are looking for the best home plumbing services in Lexington and want to save yourself money on costly maintenance or repairs, contact the experienced team at Plumbing Solutions, LLC. We will book your appointment quickly and make sure that you are completely taken care of!


“Flushable” Wipes

One of the most frequent issues when it comes to home plumbing around the entire world is flushable wipes. While they may claim that they are safe for your house’s plumbing system, they are often not. Typically, flushing anything that doesn’t have a quick rate of dissolution is a bad idea. They can cause severe blockages in your lines. This will eventually lead to you having to shell out extensive amounts of money in order to get them properly cleared. Don’t make the mistake in the first place — don’t flush “flushable” wipes unless you have done your research and know that they will be safe to dispose of in your system.

You Don’t Need Routine Maintenance

Surprisingly enough, many people don’t think that routine home plumbing maintenance services are necessary. They often believe that their cleaning habits are enough to keep any significant problems at bay. The truth is that the plumbing in your home is a complicated network of pipes and other parts that need to be checked on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are working properly and functioning at peak capacity. You might feel comfortable with the state of your system, but without frequent inspections and maintenance, you won’t know that there is a problem until it becomes a large and expensive issue.

Plungers and Other Plumbing Tools

A plunger is an easy and quick fix when you have immediate problems with blockage in your home’s plumbing system. However, they aren’t the ultimate solution to all of your piping woes. They will clear out loose debris fairly efficiently if they are used right, but they won’t solve everything that is wrong in your system. Mineral buildup, large blockages, and difficult clogs call for more efficient and effective tools. A drain auger is an effective solution when dealing with dense clogs that could be blocking up your system. Water rams can help blow out blockages and reduce the buildup of sediment. If it comes down to it, you need to call in the professionals. Your plumbing system, if ignored, can cause significant damage to your home in a short amount of time. It isn’t something that you should neglect.

You Can Do Everything Yourself

You may feel as though you can tackle your plumbing problems by watching or reading an instruction manual online, but you are likely not getting the work done properly. Your plumbing system is complex and requires an expert to ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency. We encourage our clients to learn as much as they can about the subject! But, we believe that the best course of action, if you are facing a clog, leak, or other problem, is that you contact someone that specializes in plumbing for a living.

All Plumbers Offer Quality Services

Everyone would like to assume that the local plumber that they hire to maintain or fix their system is qualified to do the job. A quality plumbing service will consist of a team that makes an active effort to stay informed about new technologies and methods that will make your system run smoothly. If you make the wrong choice, you are just going to end up hiring someone else who is better suited for the job. This process can end up costing you a lot. Don’t settle for less than the best in Lexington. Plumbing Solutions, LLC has you covered.

Plumbing services can be incredibly expensive. Educating yourself about some of these common beliefs can help save you a lot of money. Are you in need of a plumber in or around Lexington? Reach out to the reliable team at Plumbing Solutions, LLC for service. Your wallet will thank you. Schedule an appointment now!

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