How to Become a Plumber

As you can imagine, there’s more to fixing pipes that you’d think. It takes specialized knowledge of both freshwater and sewer systems in order to install and fix piping. So what does it take to become a plumber?

Plumbing Solutions in Lexington is a plumbing company that offers slab under plumbing, rough-in plumbing, sewer and water installation, and trim-out plumbing. We also specialize in new construction residential plumbing installation needs. Below, we’ll take a look at what training you need to become a plumber. Contact us today for your emergency plumbing needs!


High School Diploma

Plumbers require a lot of skill, which will take years to acquire and master. To start off, you’ll need your high school diploma or GED. Plumbers use a lot of math, science, and computers in their work, from designing installation plans for a commercial building that is under construction to calculating which size of piping is right for which systems. Drafting classes as well as reading blueprints are great skills to acquire as well.

Vocational Training

Once you have your high school diploma, your specialized training begins, either at a community college or a trade school. Here, you’ll start to drill down to the nitty-gritty of specialized knowledge that plumbers require, such as how the water supply works and drainage systems. You’ll not only learn about the history, but you’ll also see where the plumbing industry is headed in the future.

Apprentice Plumber

Let’s be honest, most of plumbing will be learned on the job. Once you’ve completed all of your required coursework, you’ll apprentice under a local plumber. Most local plumbers are eager to take on new apprentices. Plumbing Solutions, in fact, focuses on the education and training of the next generation of plumbers. If you are eager to learn and a hard worker, you will be welcomed with most plumbers. If you are looking to specialize, you could find a local plumber who does what you want to do and apply there. That way you’ll learn about plumbing and about the specialty as well. Expect to spend between four and five years as an apprentice. While that seems like a long time, it truly isn’t, and the skills you will gain will be invaluable.

Licensed Plumber Or Master Plumber

Most states require you to be licensed as a plumber. Usually, you’ll need between two and five years of experience and you’ll have to pass an exam that tests your knowledge of plumbing skills and the local plumbing codes in your area and/or state.

In South Carolina, you will need a plumbing license to perform most plumbing work on your own. Only licensed plumbers can replace pipes, hot water heaters, and septic systems. You can unclog pipes and do small repairs without a license (DIY-type jobs). You’ll have to go to a plumbing trade school, have at least one year of apprentice experience, and take the Residential Business and Law exam in addition to your trade exam.

There are three different types of plumbing licenses in South Carolina: Residential Plumbing License Contractor, Master Plumbing License, and Mechanical Contractor. To do commercial plumbing, you’ll need a commercial license. Once obtained, you can be a plumber anywhere in the state of South Carolina. Do be aware that some counties and cities may have separate permit requirements.

You’ll also have to pass a background check. This is because many plumbers go to people’s homes, and it’s important to reassure the public that you are a law-abiding citizen. Some employers may require a drug test before they will employ you as well. In South Carolina, you’ll have to renew your plumbing license every two years in order to keep practicing plumbing.

However, once all of these hurdles are jumped on your way to becoming a licensed plumber, you then can work anywhere in the state or start your own plumbing business.


Plumbing Solutions in Lexington is dedicated to helping new plumbers succeed. We are intimately involved in the plumbing industry, and we do a lot inside of the trade. Our plumbing company always puts the customer first, and we work hard to exceed your expectations and ensure your plumbing problem is solved effectively and efficiently. Our dedicated team believes in fanatical customer service, following plumbing industry standards, engaging in quality control, and offering written service agreements so our customers know exactly what they will be charged and why. We are thorough in following code and checking our work, and we believe in upfront pricing so you aren’t caught off guard by your plumbing bill. Clear service is our aim, and our internal inspection team will ensure your plumbing service is top-notch. If you’re not 100% satisfied, let us know so we can make it right.

In addition, we are a 24-hour emergency plumber. This means that if you wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of running water in your basement and you have a leak, call us right away. In plumbing emergencies, time is of the essence, and we’ll do our best to get to you as quickly as possible. We also offer warranties on our plumbing work. If you are interested in joining our team as a plumbing apprentice or you are a licensed plumber, give us a call. If you are in need of a plumbing repair, or you need a plumbing service, such as slab under plumbing, call us today. We can help.

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