How to Choose a Plumber, Part 1

When you need a local plumber, it can be difficult to know who to turn to. After all, if you don’t know anyone, all you have to rely on are Google and reviews from people you don’t know. So where do you turn?

Plumbing Solutions is a local plumber in Lexington that specializes in slab under plumbing, rough-in plumbing, sewer and water installation, and trim-out plumbing. We also offer our plumbing services to new construction residential plumbing needs. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to choose a local plumber. Contact us today for your next plumbing repair!


Residential or Commercial?

Our first tip has to do with the plumbing services that your local plumber provides. You want to make sure that whatever your plumbing problem is that the local plumber that you call offers that service. While plumbers are licensed to do almost all plumbing services, some plumbers specialize in certain services, and depending on your particular plumbing problem, they may not be the best local plumbing company for your needs.


Experience is key in the plumbing industry. While a pipe is a pipe is basically true, a clog is most definitely not a clog. A clog can be caused by tree roots, grease and other oils, hair, and other substances. Plus, there could be multiple clogs, or the source of the clog could be completely different than originally thought. When you hire an experienced plumber, such as Plumbing Solutions in Lexington, you can rest assured that not only your plumbing problem will be solved, but also that you’ll receive great customer care as well.


All plumbers have to be licensed in order to have their own plumbing business. This varies by state, but it’s good to ask the plumbers who you call if they are licensed and insured. You can also check online as well for a list of licensed plumbers kept by the state. Insurance covers you in case the plumber does any damage in your home or office while they are there.


One way to tell a top-notch plumber from your average plumber is by their professionalism. How do they talk to you on the phone? Are they polite and courteous? Do they answer all of your questions? Are they punctual when they show up at your home? Are they dressed nicely? Do they remove their shoes in your home? Is the billing process smooth? Do they have a professional-looking website? Do you feel comfortable around them? The best professional plumbers in Lexington will always put their customers first. Plumbing Solutions in Lexington offers fanatical customer service. We believe that the way we deliver the plumbing service is just as important as fixing the plumbing problem.



Plumbing Solutions in Lexington offers fanatical customer service by listening to our customers and solving their problems expeditiously and thoughtfully. We relentlessly hold ourselves to the highest standards so that you know you are getting the best plumbing solution (pardon the pun). Our quality control team ensures we are following the law, and they make sure our plumbing jobs are up to standard. When you partner with us for your next plumbing problem we offer a service level agreement and a detailed warranty policy for your review.


Plumbing Solutions in Lexington upholds our core values of innovation, professionalism, integrity, productivity, and efficiency. As a Top Rated Local® South Carolina plumber, you can ensure you are getting the plumbing job done right. Contact us for any new residential plumbing you may need, as well as slab under plumbing, rough-in plumbing, sewer and water installation, and trim-out plumbing, today!

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