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In The Most Professional Manner.

Plumbing Solutions LLC takes every possible precaution to ensure tubs are left in the highest quality. From time to time Tubs may become damaged on the construction site after the install. Plumbing Solutions is not liable for such damages. For damages that occur on the jobsite, contact the builder over your project.

Manufacturer defects are not covered by the plumbing company, but by the tub manufacturer. For information on the tub manufacturers warranty
process, contact details, etc. See below:

Aquatic Tubs & Showers

Phone: 800-945-2726

Warranty Information HERE

Sterling Tubs & Showers

Phone: 800-783-7546

Warranty Information HERE

Hamilton Tubs & Showers

Phone: 855-839-2088

Warranty Information HERE

MTI Shower Pans

Phone: 800-783-8827

Warranty Information HERE

Florestone Shower Pans

Phone: 559-661-4171 / 800-446-8827

Email: info@florestone.com / david@florestone.com

Warranty Information HERE