Sewer And Water Installation Services

If water and sewage lines are not properly installed, you will end up with costly repairs and headaches down the road. It’s vital to hire trained professionals who can dig and lay pipes in a variety of landscapes, and our team is here to get the job done right!


Factors That Impact Running A Sewer Or Water Line

There are several factors involved in the quote for our sewer or water line installation services. The price of the projects depends on the following:

  • Type Of Home - single family, twin,
  • duplex, townhome/condo
  • Distance To Connector Line
  • City Regulations
  • Removing landscaping or hardscaping

If you are switching over from a septic system to a sewer, that can also add to the costs of the project. Each project and home is unique, though, and it’s best to contact our team for a full explanation of the installation process!

Trenching & Backflow Prevention

Part of installing water lines and sewers involves digging a trench and putting in a backflow preventer. A trench will house the pipes, and the pricing depends on the length of your property as well as the depth needed for the trench to function. Other factors include removing landscaping or hardscaping before the digging can begin.

The backflow preventer keeps waste from flowing away from your home and towards the sewer. This is a vital part of your system, as you always want the sewage flowing away from you!



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