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New Faucet and Sink Installation in Columbia

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Add Value to Your Home With Quality Faucet and Sink Installation

At Plumbing Solutions, LLC, our team of experienced plumbers can help with all of your faucet and sink needs, whether it be repair or replacement. We will be able to diagnose the problem and create a customized solution to your unique needs while providing you with honesty, professionalism, and quality workmanship — guaranteed. Contact us today to get started.


Common Signs You May Need Faucet and Sink Replacement

  • Water volume has decreased
  • Your pipes still back up after multiple treatments
  • There is obvious physical damage
  • Your faucet tap is rusting over
  • It continuously leaks no matter how many times you try and fix it
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  • Save money. Many new plumbing fixtures, including new faucets, are energy efficient and are designed to save both water and energy.
  • Update your look. You'd be surprised how simply swapping out your faucet and sink can enliven your home and give it a fresh, new look.
  • Works better. Many older faucets deteriorate over time. Perhaps their water pressure has lessened, or it's harder to turn the knob.
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  • Compression faucets. Featuring separate hot and cold water handles, compression faucets are the oldest type of faucets.
  • Ball faucets. Ball faucets have only one handle for both hot and cold water, which are common in kitchen sinks.
  • Disc faucets. A very durable and stylish type of faucet, disc faucets don't rely on washers and are much wider than other types of faucets.
  • Cartridge faucets. Cartridge faucets can have either one or two handles that control water flow simply by turning a faucet handle.


Swapping out your faucet can be relatively simple if you have the proper tools, the know-how, and the time to install it correctly. Swapping out your sink may be a more complicated matter. After all, sinks are large, and there's much more involved than a faucet. When you partner with Plumbing Solutions in Columbia, you'll receive a top-rated, efficient faucet and sink installation with no work on your part. You pick out the type of faucet and sink you want, we'll do the rest; it really is that simple. Call for a free estimate today!

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Don’t trust just anyone to handle your faucet and sink repair in Columbia — give us a call at Plumbing Solutions, LLC today. We can handle plumbing problems and projects both big and small, from one-time repairs to total remodel services for kitchens and bathrooms alike. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help get your faucet and sink running smoothly again!

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