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Trim out plumbing is the last step in the plumbing installation of a new house, and it takes the careful eye of a professional! The goal is to make sure that every single element of the water and gas plumbing is working as it should. Learn more, and if you’re in need of our services, contact us today! We serve clients across South Carolina, Georgia, and North Carolina.

What Is Trim Out Plumbing_

What Is Trim Out Plumbing?

Plumbing trim is one of the most important parts of finishing a new home build! If the plumbing doesn’t work in a home or is installed incorrectly, it can damage the entire build. The last thing you want is a pipe to burst soon after moving in! Trim out plumbing means that our highly trained professional plumbers come out to the building and make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed in the building’s plumbing. It takes a fastidious eye for detail and the ability to know exactly what to look for. When you’re looking for trim out plumbing, you need a team you can trust!

Plumbing Trim Process

The goal of plumbing trim is to ensure that the plumbing for a new house build gets done in the most efficient manner. Plumbing trim is the last step in the plumbing process, and we want it to be the last time we enter the home so that everything else can be finished on schedule! 


In order for the plumbing trim to occur, the hard surface flooring of the bathroom needs to be installed. Countertops in the bathrooms and kitchens should also be completed and appliances should be in the ome. If there is a gas furnace in the home, it should be set up and any fireplaces should also be ready for gas installation.

Plumbing Trim Process
Scope of Plumbing Trim Work

Scope of Plumbing Trim Work

Plumbing trimming involves finishing up all water and gas piping throughout the home. This includes:

  • Water heater, including water lines, gas
  • lines, and flutes
  • Sump pump installation and operation
  • Washing machine connection
  • Dishwasher waterline
  • Set all sinks and toilets
  • Gas checks

After the plumbing trim, all of the plumbing should be operational in the house!

Plumbing Trim Quality Check

We make sure that your trim out plumbing job is exactly how you want it. We ensure that everything in the building is exactly how it should be and is up to code. The plumbing trim out is a quality check in and of itself, and we double check the quality of our work! We promise to work efficiently and accurately, to ensure that you receive the highest quality plumbing services.

Plumbing Trim Quality Check


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