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Tub and Shower Valve Replacement in Columbia

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Cartridges are one of many common types of faucets and are often found in showers. This type of shower uses holes in order to regulate the flow of water from your shower head or faucet. If the cartridge wears out, then your shower valve will not function the way that it is supposed to and will ultimately lead to the need for shower valve replacement once they begin breaking, corroding, or experience dry-rot. If you suspect that you are experiencing issues with your shower or tub valve, give us a call at Plumbing Solutions, LLC today.

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How to Tell if Your Shower Cartridge Has Gone Bad:

  • Water drips or runs when you turn off your shower
  • The shower handle is difficult to turn and worsens over time
  • The shower handle gets stuck and doesn’t turn on the water
  • You aren’t getting any hot water from your shower
  • You aren’t getting any water at all from your shower

Schedule Shower and Tub Valve Replacement With Plumbing Solutions, LLC

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your shower or tub valve, Plumbing Solutions, LLC has the tools and expertise to solve it quickly and efficiently. Whether you need a simple part repair or replacement or need more extensive plumbing services, our team stands behind the quality of our work and will never make you pay more than you need to. Give our Columbia plumbing team a call today.

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