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Your toilets are an important part of your day-to-day life, so when a toilet is in need of repair, it is crucial to find a team that can get the job done in both a timely and efficient manner. When you call Plumbing Solutions, LLC, we do just that — allowing you to go about your normal life in no time. Regardless of what the issue may be, whether it's a clog, won’t stop running, or something else, you can trust us to get the job done right. Give us a call today to schedule your plumbing services.

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Common Signs You May Need Toilet Repair

  • Suction or Gurgling Noises
  • Won’t Flush Properly
  • Leaks
  • Clogging
  • Constant Running






Professional Toilet Repair Services

We offer plumbing solutions for a variety of problems, including issues with your toilet! Common issues are leaking, blockage, and running. No plumbing problem is too large or too small for our team, and if you have any issues, contact us! We’ll quickly diagnose the problem and repair your toilet. We pride ourselves on fair pricing and excellent customer service, and we’d be honored to be your go-to plumber.

There are many aspects to consider when remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. A few of these are:

Water Near Toilet Base

While there are some problems you can solve yourself, such as a light toilet clog, if you see water pooling near the base of your toilet, you’ll likely need to call a professional. Often, the cause for this water buildup is a worn wax seal around the base or the connection between the tank and hose supply.

water leaking from a toilet pipe
Watering running irregularly in a toilet

Irregular Running Water In Toilet

If your toilet sporadically sounds like the tank is filling, you may have a leaky flush valve. The tank ball needs to fall directly into the valve seal to stop the water from running, and it’s off center or the seal is worn, your toilet will run. Most likely, it’s a quick fix of replacing a defective tank ball and putting a new valve in place.

Constant Running Water In Toilet

Does your toilet always sound like the tank is filling up? A constantly running toilet is both noisy and bad for your water bill, so it’s important to call a plumber to troubleshoot the problem. It’s most likely a problem with the chain in your tank causing the flapper to not drop low enough to seal the hole at the bottom of the tank. The seal may also have sediment blocking the area.

Water running in the tank of a toilet
Professional working on a toilet

Get Professional Toilet Repair

No matter what issue you’re having with your toilet, the best rule of thumb when you find a problem is to call a plumber! While you can troubleshoot the problem yourself, you may end up doing more damage. Our experts have seen (and fixed!) it all, and we’re only a phone call away!

Columbia Toilet Repair

If you are experiencing a toilet that is not running the way that it should be, don’t wait — give our Top Rated Local® Columbia area plumbers a call today and we will get you on our schedule quickly. We have extensive knowledge and experience working with toilets and providing our clients with a wealth of other plumbing services so you can rest assured that we will get the job done and get you on your way. We also offer 24/7 emergency services if you are needing our assistance after-hours.

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