Four Common Drain Issues that Require a Professional Plumber

From your bathtub to your sinks, every part of your plumbing drains somewhere, which means the opportunity for problems to arise is always there! If you are experiencing problems with any drain in your home, Plumbing Solutions in Lexington, South Carolina can help you to solve your drain problems. 

At Plumbing Solutions, we apply our years of experience to provide our local community with 24 hour plumbing services. Whether you are having trouble with your drains or are looking for a qualified plumber to install a plumbing system in your new home, we provide some of the best home plumbing services in Lexington. There are a lot of opportunities to help solve your drain problems on your own, but there are several instances where calling a professional is the best solution. If you are wondering when that might be, here are four common drain issues that require a professional plumber:

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Slow Drainage

Slow drainage could be something relatively benign, but there is always potential for the problem to be much more serious than you might think. Slow drainage could be the sign of a clog that just won’t go away, or it could signify the narrowing of your pipes due to grease or mineral build up, and this problem is significantly harder to solve. It could also reveal poor routing in your pipes which should be repaired by a professional. If you are experiencing slow drainage in your plumbing, call Plumbing Solutions today to have the problem diagnosed and solved.

Recurring Clogs

Drains like the ones in your kitchen sink and bathtub are exposed to all sorts of physical waste. From food to hair and dirt, these drains often become clogged. But repeated clogs? This is often a sign that the clog is not getting cleared when you clean it out. This is often due to the routing of your piping, the nature of the clog, or even just mistakes when it comes to removing the clog. Hiring a professional plumber to remove the clog is a sure way to get the whole clog removed efficiently and effectively the first time!  If you are experiencing clogged drains back to back, it’s time to bring in some of the best home plumbers in Lexington.

Foul Odors

Whether it’s your kitchen sink or bathtub drain, no one wants to experience foul odors coming from their drains and this problem is very often a sign of a much larger problem. If you are experiencing foul odors emitting from your drains, it is likely that there is a lot of build up deep in your plumbing system that requires a professional to clear out. There are also ways to avoid this happening in the future and accessories to be installed that can help your plumbing to work better while protecting your home from future foul odors. For more information about the potential source of your foul, drain odors, reach out to us today to start the resolution process!


Flooding is one of the worst plumbing issues to deal with, especially when that flooding is the result of sewage backup. Flooding as a result of sewage backup results in water damage, broken pipes, and a whole lot of mess in your basement or another area of your house. If you have experienced flooding, hiring a professional home plumbing company to come repair the problem is the best idea to make sure that everything is repaired properly and cleaned up. As some of the best home plumbers in Lexington, if you have experienced flooding in your home as a result of build up, we can not only help repair the problem in the present, but also provide ways to avoid this in the future.

Whether you are experiencing clogs, slow drainage, or other problems with your drains, at Plumbing Solutions we provide some of the best home plumbing services in Lexington. From diagnosing the problem to correcting the issue and installing safeguards against further drainage issues, you can trust us to take great care of your home. From plumbing problems to new construction installation, with years of experience, we provide a wide range of solutions to plumbing problems in Lexington County. For more information about our plumbing services, reach out to us today!

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