Health Benefits of Plumbing

Before the invention of modern plumbing, millions of people would die every year from drinking water contaminated with human wastes. Diseases such as cholera, polio, typhoid fever, smallpox, and dysentery are transmitted by water. Our modern day plumbing system that separates and then cleanses contaminated water has saved millions of lives — even more than doctors. Plumbing Solutions is a residential and new construction plumber in Columbia. Below, we’ll take a look at the health benefits of plumbing. Get your free estimate today! 

Cuts Down on the Spread of Diseases

Poor sanitary conditions have been the biggest cause of deaths worldwide since the beginning of time. This is caused mainly by drinking water contaminated with human wastes. Modern plumbing systems separate clean and gray (or dirty) water and filter the dirty water to waste treatment plants, keeping our waterways and water supply safe.

Direct The Flow of Water

Modern plumbing allows us to direct the flow of water. We can siphon the water to individual homes and businesses for use, as well as use it for agricultural purposes and more. We can move water from place to place, and even store water such as by using dams.

Supply Clean Water All the Time

Anytime you are thirsty and need a drink from a water fountain, you simply go over and take a sip. Modern plumbing affords a clean water supply on demand. From washing your home’s clothes to cooking, cleaning, and having drinking water, plumbing supplies you with clean water whenever you need it.

Creates a Life of Comfort

The beauty of modern plumbing is truly seen every time you use the toilet, take a shower, brush your teeth, and wash your face — and this is just your morning routine. Clean running water not only keeps you safe, but also creates a life of daily comfort, saving you time, effort, energy, and sickness. Plumbing has allowed us to lead a life of great convenience without having to haul our own water.

Keeps Our Waterways Safe and Beautiful

Previous to modern plumbing systems, rivers were putrid, malodorous streams of water that had raw sewage floating in it. These waterways killed waterlife and made swimming in them dangerous, indeed. With the modern sewage system, our waterways are now clean again, making them safe for animals to live in and safe and beautiful for our enjoyment, too. 


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